Monday, 9 August 2010

Misty water-coloured memories

A quick scribble to say that we're now up to our eyes in Memories of Water - 'You've swum in the pool, now read the book' (ok, maybe the strapline needs a bit of work). Anyway, it's a huge, all-consuming project that uses the hundreds of quotes we gathered for the lido artwork (see below) to explore and illuminate our shared fascination with water. The book is pool shaped (or, to the philistine, 'landscape') and uses the water/life cycle as its structure. This means that there's no beginning or end: you swim up the right hand pages then flip the book at the far end (tumble turn) and swim back on the left hand (now, right hand) pages. You can continue doing lengths like this as long as you want (the pages are designed for multiple readings), and you can flip over at any point or just loll around in the shallow end. Fluidity is a big part of the structure - and our whole creative approach.

At this stage, visuals are just rough screengrabs, but will hopefully w(h)et the appetite (sorry) for the finished book - due this autumn.