Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Latitude Gets a dose of Reality Reality

An odd weekend at the Latitude festival: huge electric storms running rivers through our tent (ha); Passion Pit rocking the pilled-up teens (haha); a madness of gin, rum, Sabrina and George (hahaha); and an odd, pervasive joylessness (hmmm). Still, performing The Amazing Reality Reality Helmets - Like Virtual Reality, Only Better!® with epic double hangovers was a challenge we won't forget in a hurry. (And fitting, given that this extravaganza of Cecil B DeMille-esque proportions was conceived with equally poisoned heads). Happily, the audience - and participants - seemed to love our lo-tech gifts of Flight, The Voice of God, Snow, Cocoons, Perfect Storms, Edible Elements and Perfection. Which is fortunate because, given the insane propiness of the whole performance, we've sworn never to repeat it...
PS. Gethan's decided Latitude's slogan, "Not just a music festival" could use a bit of work... She suggests, "Not really a music festival". Harsh. But fair.