Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pulgar Libre at the ICA

Last night Arma Bianca and Hijo de Fruta (aka yours truly) took Feedback at the ICA by storm with Pulgar Libre: an absurdist art-game with deeply scientific principles at its core... With the current ubiquity of texting and gaming, never have we used our thumbs so much. Will this have a Darwinian effect? Will future generations basically be giant thumbs trailing around puny bodies? And who will these chosen thumbs be? … There was only one way to find out – a contest so grueling, so vicious, so emotionally harrowing, only the fittest could survive. The thumb war to end all wars. Pulgar Libre.
The winner (shown above in ceremonial gold cape and crown) was the indomitable Paella. For a true taste of the evening watch this amazing film by our friends at Hide and Seek.