Monday, 2 September 2019

You have no magic in your soul

"Wonderful - as in, full of wonders, great and small."  Wall Street Journal. "A triumph." The Telegraph. "Captures a constant sense of wondrous discovery and lurking danger." New Republican. "Magical." New York Magazine

Oddly, none of the above was praise for our current exhibition (Lines / The distance between us - thanks for asking), but in fact reviews for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...
Which just goes to show - sometimes critics are full of shit. 
To decide whether we are also full of shit - and for the chance to win a free, limited-edition artisanal quiditch racket - get yourself down to Fotokino before 22nd September.

Pour les francophones, joli article et images ici. Apparemment nous sommes "incontournable, indispensable et essentiel". Finally!


Wednesday, 12 June 2019

It's not about the bike

It's not about the bike? It's about human experience. Solidarity. Emotion. Movement. The world... Okay - and the bike.
Article de presse ici.
Besoin de Vélo, La Cartine, rue St Jacques, Marseille 13006 (30 mai - 30 juin, 2019).

Friday, 26 April 2019

The writing's on the wall

We've just returned from our Cuban road trip touring the island in 'The Monster' - a pink 1950s Chevy driven by the inimitable Tony. Late-night Bucaneros and blue skies notwithstanding, we spent all our time documenting the revolutionary propagandas that are currently (but for how long?) the country's only form of advertising. Over one thousand kilometres and four thousand photos later we're back in the studio with a headful (two headfuls!) of projects, including a book and multiple collaborative works. But all that is to come! For now there is All this could be yours. Created for the Havana Biennial 2019 - and more specifically for the super-talented Nestor Siré's Seccion ARTE in the Paquete Semanal (daily updates here and on instagram @seccion_arte) - it recontextualises Cuban propagandas, presenting them in a new (graphic) language alongside European election billboards in Marseille, France. Included in the Paquete, the work is currently travelling across Cuba via a human 'sneakernet', reaching an estimated 10 million viewers across the island. Huge thanks to Nestor Siré, Ronald Reyes, Mécènes du Sud (who's Prix du Lauréat helped fund the trip) and, of course, our beloved 'mano Big Tony.