Monday, 28 September 2009

Reality Reality check

Hold the presses, it turns out 'goodbye' - and not 'flocci­nauci­nihili­pili­fication' - is the hardest word. And so it was that, having sworn never to return, we donned our technician outfits and gave the Amazing Reality Reality Helmets (Like Virtual Reality - Only Better)® one last hurrah. The occasion was the Hide and Seek Global Domination Tour (we think that's what it's called), and the venue was Southend's Village Green arts festival. Needless to say, the work's Situationist lineage and biting social critique was lost on none of the assembled Bad-Manners-tribute fans, and against all odds, there were no disasters, deaths or stonings.
And so the leviathan was sent to its final slumber.
Perhaps even more exciting was the invention of our latest cocktail - inspired by our travels to the Far East... Southend Champagne is an effervescent treat of Super Strength cider, Super Strength lager, blackcurrant cordial and Pastis. Yum. Be warned SC may cause you to laugh hysterically, fall in love with David Blaine (his butterfly tricks, at least) and promptly fall asleep. All within the space of five minutes.