Monday, 16 April 2012

Brain Jarred

So, hopefully the 4,000 of you who turned up on Saturday will agree with us when we say we think that that Brain Jar was a happy success. We hope you were astonished, entertained, surprised, excited and found stuff out. It warms our hearts that people will queue round the block for both knowledge and the chance to be taught to walk like the undead.

Wes with one of his ever-evolving teaching models from the school of hard bumps.

 Sally ushers newly-minted zombies out through the exhibition.

Zarinah explaining some of the finer points of how to carry out brain surgery Operation style.

Emma's brain tonics get taste-tested by those in search of serenity, acuity, youth and rapture.

 Mafalda has a tender pre-trepination moment with Little Robert.
Thanks to Wellcome Images for the photographs.
A huge thank-you goes out to our artists and anatomists: Wes White (and Headway) with his ephemeral school of phrenology – congratulations graduates; Dr Emma Welsh of the Cochrane Collaboration doling out dubious brain tonics; Sally Marie leading zombie deportment classes; Dr Zarinah Agnew presiding over head-to-head games of Operation Brain Surgery; Mafalda da Camara performing a live trepanning on Little Robert; Jon Clarke and Richard Wingate and their team of anatomists from Kings College London.
And a special thank-you to Valerie Brown of the Wellcome, who made curating an event involving hundreds of amateur zombies and several actual human brains run much more smoothly than it should have.