Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Now see the movie

Latest news on the Home front: as well as the huge, 100m artwork, the 1,000+ participants and the one-off Coldharbour font we've also been making a 3D film to share the project with the world!
A cross-section of the many people who gave us beautiful answers to our Home question were invited to be part of a 3D documentary. Over two days we interviewed over 40 people. As with the artwork, the focus was on their prize possessions and the stories that make them so special: Louisa's phial of 35-year-old baby teeth (above), Adedayo's pictures of his mum, Elin's fennel plant, Michael's dominoes, purple-obsessed Saurell's violet chandelier, Amun-Ra's Lambeth Tigers kit, Cejay's Mum's spring rolls...
Next comes the edit – and trust us, that extra D adds a whole other dimension of trouble in the edit suite – and then the grand premiere. More details to follow, but for now we're looking at a screening (or three) this autumn in a local cinema. Huge thanks to Craig, Andy and James for their three-dimensional genius.