Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Home sweet Home

Exciting news. We've just been confirmed as the commissioned artists for a major new public artwork to be installed on Coldharbour Lane (South London) early next summer. The work is called Home and will surround a ground-breaking new housing development being built by Notting Hill Housing Trust and Skanska (lots of eco credentials and made of huge designer Lego as far as we can tell). More details to follow, but basically Home will transform a large chunk of Coldharbour Lane using the words of 1000+ members of the local community, a CMYK colour palette (the building blocks of print) and a simple optical illusion. We're working on the project with local 'makers' MDM (who work for the likes of Anish Kapoor and the Chapman Brothers). And it'll be over 100 meters long. All good stuff. More info to follow soon.