Friday, 29 April 2011

Home is where the work is

A brief update to let you know why things have been a bit quiet from us. We're currently right in the middle of Home, a huge project – as far as we know, the biggest participatory art project in the country this year (over 1000 community members involved, over 100m long and with a proper fabrication budget that means it will live on for the next 20-30 years).
As many of you will know, we've spent the past few months talking to hundreds of people from the neighborhood around the new Skanska / Notting Hill development on Coldharbour Lane. We've asked them all one question: What object in your house makes it feel like home? This question – and a bit of judicious prompting here and there – has already elicited a beautiful, complex, multi-layered representation of a community through the things they hold dear. Bikes that can never be ridden, letters from the dead, lucky spoons, 40-year-old baby teeth, worm menageries and symbolic toasters... The objects and the stories behind them have left us smiling, given us lumps in our throats and made us marvel at the hundreds of different ways in which people have made their homes here.
We're going to be collecting answers until the end of May, so don't expect to hear much more from us until then – seven hundred and ninety one responses so far, still a good few to go (the image above is just one of the many response-sheet-towers now gracing our studio).