Wednesday, 5 December 2018

A fair COP?

Should you be lost in Silesia (...) and looking for a break from climate-change deniers check out Inside I'm On Fire (after Mosset and Sauvage) in the Cool Down expo at COP24, Katowice, Poland. After an interesting week trying to find five tonnes of salt - not to mention pronounce the Polish word for 'tar' - we could finally sit back and enjoy an exhibition that brings together 14 fantastic international artists (and us) for a journey through what the curators call 'Slow art' (surely not the first, or last, time we'll be called 'slow'). Huge thanks to Marie, David and the Subliminal Loops crew for making it happen; to the Belgian ambassador for being so brilliantly Belgian; and to the French ambassador for kneeling before the greatness of gethan&myles (see last image) ... Finally, the respect we crave.