Tuesday, 30 April 2013

So Dumbo

We're very happy to announce that L'arrêt, the short film we made with Nick Street – and which is the third part of Time, the artworks resulting from the residency we did in Marseille's Quartiers Nord – has been selected by Video Dumbo for screening in New York as part of their international film and video festival - it's in their Risk programme on May 17th. NB They're not insulting us, or hoping our film has flying elephants in it - Dumbo is the name of this area.

Nous sommes très contents d'annoncer que L'arrêt, le court-métrage que nous avons realisé avec Nick Street et les jeunes de La Bricarde, Marseille (voir Time), a été sélectionné par Video Dumbo pour leur festival à New York au mois de mai.