Monday, 21 May 2012

Swallow takes flight

So, The Last Swallow has flown the nest. For 48 hours hundreds of visitors to La Friche Belle de Mai experienced life, death, the contraction of time... and, we hope, some beauty in between. Not bad for a wet weekend in Marseille. For those who stayed for hours and transformed the space into a hushed hybrid of church and maternity ward, here's a few photos to remind you what it was like.
While we're here, a huge thank-you to all the folk from Sextant et plus (and their assorted offspring) for being such faithful guardians throughout the weekend. And not forgetting our special guest star, John-Mark, who showed up for part two of the installation when we collected up the cans that didn't make it to the exhibition and filled a recycling bank with the detritus from around the Cathedrale de la Major.