Tuesday, 1 March 2011

If not, then this?

If you're affected by government cuts or frustrated with the current political situation (ie if you have a pulse), then If Not, Then What? is for you. It's curated by Cecilia Wee and is a week-long art installation and creative-think-tank exploring possible alternatives to this mess we're in.
For their closing event (Saturday March 12) we've created the Random Slogan Generator. Maybe you've got your convictions, but you’re not a bona fide political entity until you’ve got your own slogan. But how do you decide what to say and which issue to focus on? The Random Slogan Generator does all the work for you, colliding existing slogans to create absurd, oddly perceptive new ones. Simply cast your vote on the special ballot sheet (don’t try to understand what you’re voting for, you’ll never get what you expect) and the RSG will generate your slogan and paint it onto a one-off poster for you to take away, so that you can go forth and spread the word.