Thursday, 7 January 2010

Signing on

A quick - and slightly cheeky - heads up, to say that we've now started work on our Greenwich Peninsula commission. Can't say too much yet, but suffice to say: a) it's really exciting b) we'll be working with local arts group Stream and loads of local people/groups to make something very special c) it's going to be a large-scale participatory artwork that isn't crap (no really) d) we're going to invade the peninsula with a pair of solar-powered road signs that will be both the voice of power and the voice of the masses - and, not insignificantly, beautiful poetic objects in their own right e) it'll coincide with the general election and run for a month (in May/June) f) it'll present an alternative way for the people to be heard x) it'll be called A to X... y) we seem to have got a bit carried away with this quick post z) if anyone asks, you don't know nothing.